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The Firm takes care of all matters around the entire employee life cycle and, thus, from hiring to the termination of the employment relationship. The Firm also deals with all legal, social security and tax matters and obligations, undertaking the related processing of payroll and social security contributions, all while meeting specific and particular customer needs.

Full service schedule


  • Hiring communications, changes in the employment relationship, resignation, layoffs, all via electronic transmission;
  • Drafting of recruitment letters with individual characteristics;
  • Hiring communications to INAIL, where necessary;
  • Hiring communications to INPS for any benefits due.

Payroll/social security contributions

  • Processing of monthly payslips, both for employees and collaborators and directors of the Company and related electronic transmission for the Company; therefore, both in electronic and paper format, including summary statements relating to employees, with their breakdown by cost centre; all based on the organisation chart provided by the Company;
  • Regular keeping of the Personnel Logbook as per Leg. Decree n.112/08, converted into Law 133/08;
  • Processing of payslips for severance indemnities and related electronic transmission for the Company;
  • Drafting of contribution and accounting summaries by cost centre and for any particular qualifications and relative electronic transmission for the Company;
  • Reports for calculating monthly labour costs, inclusive of any present and deferred burden, divided by cost centre or professional qualification;
  • Processing of monthly DM 10/M forms with electronic transmission to INPS;
  • Management of new severance indemnity obligations;
  • Monthly processing of "UNI-EMENS" employee data and electronic transmission to INPS;
  • F24 model compilation and processing with electronic transmission to the Company.

Management of Social Security and Statutory Bodies: Inail, Inps, Building Department, Revenue Agency and territorial Labor Inspectorate

  • Accident reports to INAIL;
  • Accident reports to the State Police;
  • Annual processing of the INAIL self-assessment report, with an electronic system;
  • Constant monitoring of the accident trend for INAIL purposes, relating to the insurance premium;
  • Monitoring of INAIL's insurance position as regards the correct application of the accident rate and, therefore, of the correct premium rate concerning the specific activity conducted;
  • Compilation and processing of the annual CU models with electronic transmission for the Company;
  • Compilation and processing of the annual 770 form with electronic transmission to the Ministry of Finance (Revenue Agency);
  • Management of the right to work of disabled people, as per Law no. 68/99;
  • Requirements for the management of disabled people on a provincial and national basis;
  • Adempimenti per la gestione dei disabili su base provinciale e nazionale;
  • Specific and comprehensive assistance to any INPS, INAIL and Labour Inspectorate inspections and, where appropriate, the Ministry of Labour;
  • Participation in Conciliation and Arbitration Commissions, as well as participation in various meetings with trade unions.

Other services

Further to all services and obligations above, the Firm Esterino Cafasso offers the full management of all disciplinary measures imposed on employees, with the drafting of objection notes and any notes arising from the adoption of such measures.

The Firm can also promptly provide services relating to the drafting of opinions relating to labour law issues, drafting of circulars on the continuous and constant updating of labour consultancy and all regulations related to this discipline.

Lastly, the Firm Esterino Cafasso also manages any dismissal procedures – both individual and collective – with related obligations specifically provided for by the relevant regulations, as well as complete procedures regarding all types of layoffs, including trade union settlements and those handled via the Territorial Labour Inspectorate, participation in trade union meetings and resolution of individual and collective disputes.

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