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The Firm takes care of all matters around the entire employee life cycle and, thus, from hiring to the termination of the employment relationship. The Firm also deals with all legal, social security and tax matters and obligations, undertaking the related processing of payroll and social security contributions, all while meeting specific and particular customer needs.

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Payroll/social security contributions

Management of Social Security and Statutory Bodies: Inail, Inps, Building Department, Revenue Agency and territorial Labor Inspectorate

Other services

Further to all services and obligations above, the Firm Esterino Cafasso offers the full management of all disciplinary measures imposed on employees, with the drafting of objection notes and any notes arising from the adoption of such measures.

The Firm can also promptly provide services relating to the drafting of opinions relating to labour law issues, drafting of circulars on the continuous and constant updating of labour consultancy and all regulations related to this discipline.

Lastly, the Firm Esterino Cafasso also manages any dismissal procedures – both individual and collective – with related obligations specifically provided for by the relevant regulations, as well as complete procedures regarding all types of layoffs, including trade union settlements and those handled via the Territorial Labour Inspectorate, participation in trade union meetings and resolution of individual and collective disputes.