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    Our services

    The Firm takes care of all matters around the entire employee life cycle and, thus, from hiring to the termination of the employment relationship. The Firm also deals with all legal, social security and tax matters and obligations, undertaking the related processing of payroll and social security contributions, all while meeting specific and particular customer needs.

    What we do

    The labour consultant’s work generally falls under management consultancy with particular focus on staff management and administration, employment relationships and labour-related matters of the company as a whole. In the business context, the labour consultant’s engagement proves strategic to encourage human resources management and the development of company’s financial processes. For these reasons, the consultant plays a key role in connecting and mediating between the company, public institutions, and workers. Accordingly, the consultant’s activity as an expert in labour and business management as a whole is constantly evolving, working as a true external manager for client companies while offering them enormous value added.


    Continuous training.

    The dynamic labour sector calls for continuous professional training to stay abreast of new sector scenarios and current regulations. Collaborators of the Firm Esterino Cafasso’s undergo continuous training so that the company stays ahead of the curve skills-wise and provides relevant advice to all customers.

    Customer orientation.

    All our activities are driven by the search for tailored solutions for customers, which remain the consistent business focus of the Firm Esterino Cafasso, starting from an accurate analysis of business needs.