Le Fonti Awards 2022

Studio Esterino Cafasso was the winner of the coveted "Le Fonti Awards 2022" Professional Firm of the Year Labor Law Consultancy Studio Esterino Cafasso.

"For being a well-established professional firm in labor law consultancy, offering a wide range of services quickly, dynamically and efficiently to high-profile clients. For the expertise and extensive technical background that make the firm one of the most established players in the sector".

Le Fonti Awards 2021

Studio Esterino Cafasso was the winner of the coveted "Le Fonti Awards 2021", as "Professional Firm of the Year" in the field of Labor Law and Consultancy. The reason for which this award was recognized is the following:

"For over forty years the high quality and experience of his work in the field of job consulting have been recognized nationally and internationally by all counterparties. Studio Esterino Cafasso distinguished itself, in particular, for its innovative and avant-garde approach in all labor law issues ".

The Firm, among other things, has been attributed the merits for all the activities carried out in the current emergency period, together with the significant investments made in the technology sector, in order to offer an increasingly specialized and innovative job consultancy service. in favor of assisted companies.

Partner 24 ORE

For the activity carried out, the Firm represents the sole "Business Partner" of Sole 24 ORE in the Campania region. Among other things, Dr. Maria Cafasso, as co-founder of the Firm, has joined the Scientific Committee of the Sole 24 ORE, for which she curates, together with other professionals, a monthly column relating to technical news - legal affairs in favor of companies and workers.

Bollino Cassa Edile Awards 2020

The Firm was the winner of the “Bollino Cassa Edile Awards 2020”, for the virtuous behavior towards the same Bilateral Body. This award was recognized, among other things, for the commitment and professionalism always shown in the field of labor consultancy and social legislation as a whole.

ISO 9001 – 2015

The Firm considers the full and effective management of the "Quality System" to be fundamental.
To this end, it ensures the utmost competence, professionalism, impartiality and respect for professional ethics by all its collaborators, adopting an organizational model and management system compliant with ISO 9001 - 2015.

Asseveratore Asse.Co

The Firm is Asseveratore Asse.Co. (Certification of Conformity of employment relationships). This is the result of an agreement between the Ministry of Labor and Labor Consultants, aimed at starting a voluntary system of control of companies that can qualify them towards the same Ministry and third parties, certifying the regularity of the same in the management of employment relationships.